European Bodies Meeting

You can meet up with all committees, commissions, Interest Groups or AEGEE Project Groups. The timetable will be announced by the Chair Team at the Agora.

Meet your Netcom

 Your Network Commissioner is responsible for a good communication between the local antennas and AEGEE-Europe. Most of the time, you get to know your Netcomi only via Skype Meetings or emails. The Agora is the perfect opportunity to meet each other in person. The timetables will be published by the Chair Team at the Agora. 

Agora Fair

A fair at which European bodies and antennas have the chance to present themselves and their activities. Furthermore you can meet external partners and sponsors and buy merchandise. The timeslots will be announced by the Chairteam. 

Social Programme

Of course - like on every AEGEE event - you won't miss a lot of fun, networking and adventures. Look forward to the typical European Night with delights from all around Europe (selfmade and brought directly from each country). Also, legendary party nights are waiting for you with absolutely awesome people!