Authorities at the Agora

Chair Team

The Chair team consists of the Chairperson, the Vice-Chairperson (both are elected every autumn for two Agorae) as well as the Secretary and the IT-responsible (those are appointed). 

Local Organizers

The local organizers are the hosts of the Agora. They take care of the logistics (accomodation, food, party, transport and so on). Also they organize thematic activities connected to the topic of the Agora. 

Juridical Comission

The Juridical Commission supports the Chair Team and everybody else at the Agora in terms of legal questions. They have supervision of every election and sit next to the Chair Team, but are not a part of it to guarantee independence. 

Comité Directeur (CD) 

The Comité Directeur (CD) is the board of AEGEE-Europe. They live and work fulltime for AEGEE in Brussels. They are responsible for all partnerships and new initiatives. They have to report about their progress regularly and probably will be on stage a lot.