European Events are Events organized by AEGEE-Antennas from all over Europe. Every AEGEE member can participate in these events. They include exciting workshops where you get the chance to dive into exciting topics and see the world from a different perspective as well as great social programmes where you can do something exciting with your new friends or get the chance to admire the city and nature.
European events take place wherever AEGEE is represented. So all over Europe (but at heart all over the world <3). If you want to know exactly, you can look at the map with all AEGEE antennas under the tab "AEGEE-Europe".
European events take place all year round. Just check out what's coming up :D
To participate in a european Event, you only need to be a AEGEE member. The next step is to register with the european Event of your choice via our online membership system. If you want to know how this works exactly, you can also contact us and ask us :D
To have fun, intercultural exchange, to find the meaning of life, to educate oneself, to meet new people.... and.... why not? :)